Schedule For Routine Checks

These are the tests we would recommend you have done on a regular basis with your family doctor and optometrist.


get the annual tests done in the month of your birthday (but not ON your birthday) so you don’t miss a year!

FrequencyFamily Doctor - Lab WorkFamily Doctor - PhysicalOptometrist - Eye Exam
Every 3-6 monthsHbA1c
Once a yearLytesBlood PressureMedically necessary eye exam (let them know you have diabetes)
CreatinineFoot exam (pulses and monofilament)If they have concerns they might ask an ophthalmologist to see you
Albumin:creatinine ratio
Lipids if >40 yrs (non-fasting)
Every 5 yearsAnti-transglutaminase
Lipids if <40 yrs (non-fasting)