Who does what?

It is essential that you have a family doctor, and we expect you to see them once a year for an annual physical. The annual physical is to screen for diabetes complications and for prescription renewals. The RN and RD in the diabetes clinic cannot write prescriptions

This how we think how tasks should be shared

YouFamily DoctorKEC Diabetes Clinic
Focus Self-ManagementRoutine Care & SurveillanceBlood Glucose Management
Tasks Ask for helpAnnual PhysicalTeach and train you how to manage your diabetes
Keep us in the loopOrder routine lab testsEnsure you are on the right kinds of insulin
Attend appointmentsPrescription renewalsRecommend appropriate tools and technologies
If you cancel, make another right awayReferrals if requiredTroubleshoot blood sugar problems
Return our callsother eg drivers’ medicalHelp with insulin dosing adjustments

"Diabetes is a Team Sport"

 you have to be playing - but you can’t do it all on your own, all of the time"