Islet Transplant

Islet Transplantation is a novel treatment for people with Type 1 diabetes - particularly those with frequent hypoglycaemia. Islets from organ donors are transplanted and can replace insulin injections. Information about current and future clinical trials is here

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Most of my focus is in Type 1 Diabetes, with special interests in hypoglycaemia and diabetic nephropathy.

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I take care of people with a wide range of endocrine conditions. I have provided useful information and links which may be of interest to people with thyroid, adrenal or pituitary disorders

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Since 1993

About this site

I am a Professor of Medicine at the University of Alberta, in Edmonton, AB, Canada. This, however, is my personal website. My professional website is here. If you are looking for information about my bio and credentials or my publications you can find them via Google Scholar or Research Gate or PubMed

This website is designed as a place where it will be easy to find information which I think will be useful for a wide range of people. This will include

  • educational tools and materials for students and health care professionals
  • reference materials for people
  • links and information about diabetes therapies and technologies
  • tips and tricks for better self management for people with diabetes and endocrine diseases

The blog postings may contain useful snippets, and will help me keep the site fresh

* remember the information provided is not medical advice and should not be used in place of individual advice from a physician or other health care provider*


Next Steps...

Feel free to browse this site and add any suggestions in the comments